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  • Are you interested in improving your leadership skills?
  • Contemplating a career move or new leadership position?
  • Considering using your talents as a member of a corporate or nonprofit advisory board?
  • Interested in expanding your networking capabilities beyond your immediate circle?

If any or all of those are true, the Executive Employers is the right resource for you. We’re a private business network specifically created for the benefit of top-tier executives. Joining provides you with the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, gain access to valuable professional connections, become aware of potential opportunities and gain increased understanding of market and career dynamics.

No matter what your motivation for joining, membership brings rewards. Executive Employers gives you the opportunity to network with a previously untapped set of colleagues who are sincerely interested in acting as mentors, helping you to further develop your skill set and understanding as well as to make better decisions in your career as well as in your daily business dealings. Executive Employers offers a real possibility of expanding your professional horizons and discovering exciting new opportunities.

Did you know that less than 25% of available executive positions are advertised? That means that the majority of the most desirable positions are only available through networking, referrals or recruitment. This is one of the top reasons that it is so important for job seekers to make sure that you have connections with the right people. Executive Employers helps you make contact with top decision makers as well as most of the highly respected recruiters in the country.

Benefits of Membership

  • Executive Employers’ members have exclusive access to “CONFIDENTIAL” top-level positions within corporations as well as on advisory boards and for investment opportunities and consulting opportunities.
  • You will be able to have direct contact with over 74,000 potential employers and Human Resources professionals as well as over 3,000 executive recruiters.
  • Executive Employers provides access to valuable resource material, including career seminars, executive candidate marketing material, videos and career advice from certified professional career coaches.
  • Our executive network is made up of over 50,000 corporate leaders, including C-level executives from Fortune 1000 companies.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your management and leadership capabilities within your own organization or for valuable feedback and advice from key decision makers in a variety of industries, Executive Employers’ network allows you to have direct contact with thought leaders who are at the top of their careers.

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