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If you’re a successful executive recruiter with a track record of talent-sourcing senior level executives and you’re looking for a way to expand your network and elevate your professional profile, then Executive Employers has a unique opportunity for you.

  • Access to 50,000 Prequalified Senior Executives
  • Exposure to 70,000 Employers and Companies
  • $100K+ Positions
  • Executive Positions and Board of Directory/Advisory Placements

Executive Employers is one of the fastest growing executive recruiting firms in the country. Our business model offers experienced, qualified executive recruiters the chance to partner with us, gaining access to the resumes of over 50,000 pre-qualified senior executives as well as 70,000 employers and companies looking for help filling $100K+ positions. Our search portfolio includes advisory and Board of Director placements as well as high-level corporate positions in organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and our strategic network already includes over 3,000 executive recruiters eager to network with our membership.

  • Generous Commission for Placements
  • Dedicated Executive Recruiter Profile
  • Personal Recruiting Assistant

When an executive recruiter joins us and helps our client partners find the leaders that they’re seeking, the recruiter receives a generous percentage of the commission that Executive Employers receives: we take no more than 15% of the fee to cover our costs. Additionally, each recruiter in our network is provided with a dedicated platform from which they can access the profiles of our senior executive talent pool, as well as contact employers. We even provide you with an experienced personal recruiting assistant to help with routine tasks such as sourcing, screening and interviewing potential candidates.

Joining Executive Employers provides you with the opportunity to market yourself to a new network of potential clients and candidates, as well as to fill our clients’ positions and earn a generous fee. It’s a great way to build relationships and strategic partnerships with Human Resource Directors and recruiters nationally, helping them find the leaders they’re looking for today and establishing your credibility with them for the future, as well as to gain access to a highly qualified pool of executive talent.