About Executive Employer

Executive Employers is a company on a mission. It’s our goal to help top-level executives and quality clients find each other, and we’ve created an innovative way of making that happen. We utilize proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to help thousands of senior executives and experienced recruiters to network with each other, enabling qualified candidates to make themselves available to professional search experts confidently and confidentially.

Executive Employers was founded in 2012 and launched to public in 2014 as an executive recruiting firm specializing in providing a wide range of employment services to individuals, corporations and nonprofits. In addition to positioning our members within Fortune 500 companies to fill their top-tier leadership positions, we also facilitate the placement of individuals to advisory boards and board of director positions using a unique competitive process in which multiple recruiters from across our extensive network vie against one another to find executives the most suitable match for their skill set and experience.

Additionally, we have created an exclusive network open only to senior executives and search professionals to facilitate their ability to network with each other for the purpose of discovering and filling $100K jobs in reputable companies effectively and efficiently.

To date, our network is hosting over 3,000 search professionals and 70,000 highly reputable employers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Membership on our network is exclusive, with each application from candidates, clients and recruiters alike receiving careful scrutiny to ensure that our high standards are met. All career opportunities are screened to ensure that positions are with reputable firms and that compensation exceeds our minimum criteria of $100K, ensuring our members that their participation is always worthwhile.

Our Mission

“We serve our interest best by serving our client’s interest first.”

It is our mission to ensure that the opportunities that we facilitate will not only benefit but also improve our clients’ lives, and in order to do that we always exert our best professional effort.

Value Statement

“Quality performance by ALL in a professional manner.”

At Executive Employees, our company operates as a team. We hold every individual associate responsible for our successes, and are each individually accountable for being ethical, honest and professional for the betterment of the enterprise.